Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Irina Shayk taking a stroll with their daughter Lea

Here are some photos of Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk and their baby girl Lea, out for a walk in New York last week. B-Coop was pap’d with girlfriend and daughter on the day A Star Is Born was released, which I’m sure is *totally* a coincidence, right? It’s a tried and true way to Oscar campaign for so many actors and actresses. Yes, talk about the work. Yes, shake all of the hands of the Academy voters. But also cultivate and maintain a “happy family” brand in the press. Bradley has been reminding everyone that he’s in a quiet yet solid relationship with a beautiful model, and they have a lovely little daughter together. Irina, I feel, has been completely down with Bradley’s Oscar campaign too – she wants to go to the Oscars. She wants to be thanked in his Oscar speech. But much like the speculation and gossip about how Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper really don’t like each other that much, there might be an issue in B-Coop and Irina’s happy-family image:

Bradley Cooper’s “A Star Is Born” may be a hit at the box office — but the …read more

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