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The Democratic Unionist Party which props up Theresa May is threatening to pull the plug on their confidence and supply deal with the Conservatives.
The Northern Irish party is furious with reported plans for Northern Ireland to effectively stay in stay in the customs union and single market during the backstop period.
This would mean new checks between Northern Ireland and the rest of UK after Brexit — a clear breach of the DUP’s red line of new divergence between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.
The DUP has threatened to vote against the budget, which in times gone by would bring down a prime minister.

LONDON — Theresa May’s fragile government is on threbrink of collapse after the Democratic Unionist Party, threatened to withdraw their support for the prime minister over her controversial Brexit plans.

The party’s Brexit spokesman, Sammy Wilson, wrote on Thursday morning that the UK government is treating the pro-union DUP like a “soft touch who can be pushed around” over the thorny issue of the Irish border.

Wilson adds: “The road which the leaks and briefings is outlining is the road to parliamentary defeat for any deal the prime minister brings forward. She will not have DUP …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Politics


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