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In this op-ed, SAP president of Americas and Asia Pacific Japan Global Customer Operations Jennifer Morgan argues that while artificial intelligence holds plenty of promise for businesses, it may also create numerous economic, political and social challenges.
AI technology needs to be governed by clear ethics rules, Morgan says.

The AI revolution has the promise to unlock boundless potential for businesses: from better products and services, to faster innovation and unimaginable leaps in productivity.

But, like all great technological advancements, AI also has the potential to create numerous economic, political and social challenges, depending upon how it is used and implemented. Because of that, the use of AI technology needs to be governed by clear rules of ethics — defined at the outset of this new era, instead of later on, when abuses or ill-considered practices could be far more difficult to control.

This is not the first time society has been at a crossroads where we face new technological powers that can serve great and worthy purposes or be abused to support some very bad ones. Yet one thing is clear and remains in our power: artificial intelligence, will never substitute for human wisdom or moral responsibility.

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Source:: Businessinsider – Finance


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