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The Facebook engineer who wrote a memo decrying what he called the company’s “intolerant” liberal culture has quit.
Brian Amerige sparked a firestorm at Facebook when he attacked the company’s “political monoculture.”
In a memo to his colleagues, he said he “disagree[s] too strongly with where we’re heading on these issues to watch what happens next.”
Business Insider has obtained Amerige’s memo, and is republishing it in full below.

Brian Amerige, the Facebook engineer who sparked a firestorm at Facebook with his criticism of what he called a “political monoculture” that is “intolerant” of conservatism, is leaving the company.

In a lengthy, 1,026-word internal memo to fellow Facebook employees, Amerige, the engineering manager of product accessibility, explained his decision to leave, decrying the company’s political “monoculture” and PR strategy of “appeasement,” while professing his love for Facebook’s “mission.”

In a year during which the internet industry has been rocked by problems ranging from privacy scandals to the spread of misinformation, and as the politically fractured state of society has spread into even the most profitable tech companies, Amerige’s farewell letter encapsulates the frustrations and challenges that Facebook is contending with.

While it criticises Facebook’s “culture” and leadership, it also discusses less politicised issues Facebook is …read more

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