As I said in the links yesterday, Nikki Haley suddenly resigned from her position as UN Ambassador. Personally, I don’t think it’s some huge loss for America – Donald Trump and his administration don’t care about the United Nations or diplomacy, so Haley’s position was basically just grandstanding and being a feminine mouthpiece for Trump’s deplorable politics. I never bought Haley as a moderating voice in the Trump administration, nor do I believe she will ever be any kind of ally. She was always all about Nikki Haley. So why quit, and why so suddenly?

In the immediate wake of her resignation, HuffPo noted that Haley had taken “gifts” of private plane flights from South Carolina business executives without disclosing those gifts. South Carolina politicians – like Sen. Mark Sanford – say that “something doesn’t smell right” about this whole thing. She’s also racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt in the past few years, and there’s some speculation that she was simply ready to move to the private sector to make the big money.

In Haley’s resignation press conference in the Oval Office, she nonsensically babbled about Jared Kushner and …read more

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