Macaulay culkin presents at the 2018 american music awards

Beloved actor Macaulay Culkin doesn’t make that many public appearances these days. When he does, fans take notice.

On Tuesday night, Macaulay appeared at the American Music Awards as a presenter.

He handed Post Malone the award for Favorite Male Artist: Pop/Rock, which Post Malone somehow won.

Fans of Macaulay’s were thrilled to see him, and they let their voices be heard on Twitter.

Some were astonished at the reminder that he’s, like, an actual adult these days.

Others were happy to see him looking so happy and healthy.

And others, of course, were a little thirsty for him.

1. This is how Macaulay looked on stage

He looks great! And a lot of these tweeters agreed. Some were horny about it. Others vehemently disagreed.

2. A very specific image came to mind

This is so hilariously specific that it may say more about the tweeter than about Macaulay. That said, we don’t dispute the characterization.

3. Others were just surprised to see him

Alyssa Edwards is one of the world’s most beloved drag performers in part because of reaction images like this one.

4. His most famous role still comes to people’s minds

Some will always see him as The Kid From Home Alone

5. Some were shocked that he’s still relevant

This from a …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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