dakota v. bristol

Remember a week ago when Dakota Meyer said things between himself and Bristol Palin were “the best [they’ve] ever been.”

Well… a lot can change in a week.

On this past Monday’s episode of Teen Mom OG, viewers watched Bristol and Dakota basically end their marriage, as both sides apologized for their mistakes and both acknowledged Meyer’s PTSD had become too much for the relationship to handle.

It seemed as though the divorce was mutual and, hey, at the time, maybe everything was amicable.

In a new MTV-sponsored video, however, Palin advised viewers not to rush into relationships and pregnancies, telling her audience the following:

“I got engaged and pregnant within a month. Planned a wedding. And I was like, ‘I can’t get married.’ Called off the wedding. Went through the whole pregnancy by myself.

“Friggin sucked.”

That scenario does sound like it would friggin suck.

And Palin made it sound even worse when she said she felt guilty that her second child essentially had no father and, as a result…

“I got back together with him. Got married right away. Had another baby right away. And then we got divorced just recently.”

Meyer, however, has taken EXTREME exception to this portrayal of both himself and the situation …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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