Jill duggar as a mama

The offspring of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been showing some rebellious tendencies as of late.

Of course, we mean “rebellious” by the standards of the ultra-conservative Duggar clan.

Such acts as wearing pants instead of long skirts might not seem very defiant, but Jim Bob has an extremely low tolerance for insubordination.

Which may be why fans are freaking out about Jill seemingly rejecting his sacred belief system …

1. The Face of Rebellion?

Jill might not seem like the type to publicly reject the belief system that her parents hold so dear.

2. The Traditionalist

Jill was the first Duggar woman of her generation to get married and start a family, and it initially looked as though she would carry on her parents’ ideals unquestioningly.

3. Change Is Afoot

Over the past few months, however, Jill has demonstrated a willingness to rebel against the strict belief system.

4. Whose Footsteps?

At first, it was widely theorized that Jill was inspired by the example of her sister Jinger, who became the first to defy the well-known Duggar dress code.

5. The Derick Factor

Now, however, it looks more like Jill is taking her cues from her husband, Derick Dillard, whose beliefs often conflict with Jim Bob’s.

6. The Pants Dance

It’s …read more

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