2018 Global Citizen Festival - Performances

Here are some photos of Dakota Johnson onstage at the Global Citizen Festival two weekends ago. This is my first time looking at these photos, and yes, I definitely think it’s weird that she wore such a bulky, figure-obscuring coat. Was she trying to cover up a small baby bump? That’s what TMZ originally thought – it seems that Dakota and Chris Martin were throwing a “birthday party” at his home in LA, and there were a lot of pink and blue balloons, almost like it was really a “gender reveal party.” TMZ thought Dakota and Chris Martin were announcing their pregnancy. They weren’t though??

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are having a baby, and the timing of their gender reveal party is pretty interesting … considering what Chris’ ex just celebrated. Chris and Dakota, who’ve been dating for about a year, had a party at his place on Sunday, and photos and video from the event make it clear what they were celebrating.

Blue and pink balloons were tied down in arches … as their celeb friends arrived. Dakota’s folks — Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson — walked in, along with Sean Penn and Julia Roberts. …read more

Source:: Cele|bitchy


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