American Vandal

The second season of “American Vandal” became available on Netflix Friday.
This time, the fictional documentary centers on a vandal called The Turd Burglar.
The season leans into its poop jokes and cultural commentary, and is even better than the first season.

Halfway through watching season two of Netflix’s “American Vandal,” I paused the show and screamed in delight at the well-executed poop humor — to no one except my dog.

All eight episodes of the second season of the critically acclaimed Netflix satire are available Friday. Season two currently has a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.

“American Vandal” season one was my favorite television show of 2017. It touched on the worst parts of our culture’s obsession with true crime, and made bold, obvious jabs at Netflix’s own original documentary show, “Making a Murderer.”

The fittingly poop-themed season two, which follows The Turd Burglar, a vandal who has successfully played out four poop crimes including poisoning students with laxatives in the cafeteria — is even better than the first.

Without an obligation to directly satirize a specific show like the first season did, “American Vandal” gets the chance to expand what this show is capable of exploring. By changing its setting …read more

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