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After landing LeBron James in free agency, the Los Angeles Lakers made several offseason moves that baffled the NBA world.
Despite a head-scratching roster, several people around the league believe the team will still make the playoffs despite playing in the deep Western Conference.
Several sources said LeBron James is good enough on his own to get the Lakers to the playoffs.

The Los Angeles Lakers landed the biggest fish of the summer, then proceeded in a way that baffled most of the NBA world.

After signing LeBron James to a four-year contract this summer, the Lakers then signed free agents like Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson, JaVale McGee, and Michael Beasley to one year-deals to add to their promising young core.

The Lakers essentially built a squad opposite of what James had with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Lakers added ball-handling, length, and toughness, sacrificing the shooting that can make a LeBron-led team so difficult to defend. Though all of their free agents have intriguing qualities, those qualities can come-and-go during the regular season. Rondo and Stephenson, in particular, are known to have lackadaisical approaches to defense and effort during the season.

Yet, in discussions with sources around the league, including two assistant coaches, current …read more

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