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If you ever met Bizu, you’d agree: She’s soulful and sweet, but reveals a spicy aftertaste when prompted. Just ask her about her beauty regrets, like threading her eyebrows as a teenager (“I looked hilarious at 16,” she recalls), or the days when she’d sit through a grueling 20-minute combing session as a child. Her bold personality is also reflected in the natural curls she proudly wears (“I just took a weave out, and I’m never doing it again,” she laughs).

Bizu’s new position is also significant because she’s a woman of color representing a brand that, for so long, has been fronted by white models (previous advertisements featured Gisele Bündchen and Kate Moss). “It’s really beautiful because I really love French culture, but I’m not French at all. I’m from London. I’m Ethiopian,” she says.

For Bizu, the fragrance — which looks like a tube of red lipstick, a product a lot of women …read more

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