GC Addie  Lerner

General Catalyst principal Addie Lerner spent this past spring talking to 30 founders, advisors, and investors about the $350 billion elder care market.
The conversations gave her perspective on what’s still missing, and how entrepreneurs and investors can address it.
In particular, she’s interested in finding companies that tackle financial planning solutions for handling the cost of long-term elderly care, as well as companies that are directing content and programming toward the elderly population.

Addie Lerner’s interest in finding new companies that care for the aging population is personal.

Lerner’s grandmother, Mimi, is 91 years old, and over the years, she watched as her grandmother’s quality of life has diminished, leaving her with poor vision and bound to a wheelchair or armchair. At the same time, Lerner’s watched her mom and aunt spend their time and resources making sure she’s taken care of and financially supported.

Caring for the elderly population — even for seniors who are relatively healthy — can be expensive, and home healthcare visits aren’t covered by Medicare and Medicaid, the government-run plans that oversee healthcare for the elderly.

“That really got me thinking, how come no companies —let alone technology companies – are solving the …read more

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