Netflix renewed its controversial original TV series, “Insatiable,” which upset many people who viewed it as fat-shaming.
The show, which has many fat jokes meant to be satire, features a protagonist who is a formerly overweight teenager, played by a thin actress who wears a fat suit for flashback scenes.
Many people are not happy that the show was renewed, but its season 2 could be explained by the fact that a lot of people watched the show despite the backlash, according to an app that tracks what people binge-watch every week.

Netflix just renewed its controversial comedy, “Insatiable,” for a second season. And many people are not happy, especially considering over 230,000 signed a petition for the show to be canceled before it had even debuted.

Critics (including me) and activists were appalled by the show’s fat-shaming, though it was meant to be satire. The series, which documents the life of a teenage girl after she loses weight, and is suddenly skinny because her jaw was wired shut, is supposed to be critical of society’s erasure of women who don’t meet beauty standards. But it fails miserably.

Still, audiences loved and flocked to it. Critics gave it a …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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