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Mark Zuckerberg published a long Facebook post on Thursday entitled “Preparing for Elections”, two months before the US midterm elections.
Zuckerberg outlined the challenges Facebook faces in trying to combat election interference, and highlighted the areas it is targeting to prevent it.
He wrote that Facebook will not be able to fight bad actors alone, it will always need help from third parties such as governments, other tech companies, and journalists.

Mark Zuckerberg published an essay comprising more than 3,000 words on Thursday entitled “Preparing for Elections”, two months before the US midterms in November.

The essay is in essence a roundup of what Zuckerberg called “an intense year” for Facebook, following a series of high profile scandals, including Cambridge Analytica and the discovery of Russian misinformation campaigns operating on the platform.

Nowhere does Zuckerberg apologise in the post, and it’s more of a blow-by-blow recounting of the steps Facebook has taken to tackle these complex challenges.

“In 2016, we were not prepared for the coordinated information operations we now regularly face. But we have learned a lot since then and have developed sophisticated systems that combine technology and people to prevent election interference on our services,” he wrote.

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