new 2018 macbook pro

Apple released new MacBook Pros with several updates.
One of the updates include a third generation butterfly keyboard that Apple says is “quieter.”
While a quieter keyboard is a welcome update, Apple didn’t mention whether the third generation butterfly keyboard was more reliable than the previous generations.
Users reported several problems with previous generations of butterfly keyboards.

Apple released brand new MacBook Pro laptops on Thursday with a slew of important updates, including current generation processors, an even better display, a higher RAM option, and new graphics chips in the 15-inch models.

One of the updates on the new MacBook Pro models is Apple’s third-generation butterfly keyboard, which the company says is “quieter” than the previous keyboards on older MacBook Pros.

It’s a welcome update, as the butterfly keyboards on the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pros could deliver an unusually loud typing experience, which several users complained about. The loud keyboard was one of the first things I noticed when I started using my 2016 MacBook Pro.

But Apple hasn’t promised the new keyboards will offer any additional reliability over its previous generation butterfly keyboard. Plenty of people — including myself — experienced keys that stopped registering and repeating …read more

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