Tori Spelling is an entitled grifter, I’ll open with that as it’s the whole point of this post. She owes so much to various creditors she’s been sued by several of them, she’s had her assets seized by the IRS and she also owes substantial back taxes to the state of California. In 2015 she sued Benihana restaurants for allegedly falling onto a hibachi grill and suffering “deep second and third degree burn injuries” to her arms which are sort-of visible in paparazzi shots but of which she curiously never posted photos. Tori settled with Benihana in 2017. Now she’s staying at a Four Seasons resort, probably because she stopped paying rent on the huge house she’s been renting. Tori recently Instagrammed about an incident in which her baby got “stabbed” by some nails in the game room or something. I don’t think she knows what stabbed means. [via Dlisted!]

Here’s more, thanks to People:

A rep for Spelling said Beau is “doing ok” and that the incident “was very scary.”

A spokeswoman for the Four Season tells PEOPLE, “At Four Seasons the well-being of our guests is our top priority. The team was in touch with …read more

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