Wednesday’s Late Show began with a reasonably plausible re-enactment of Germany’s reaction to President Trump saying Germany is captive to Russia.

Stephen Colbert had a similar reaction in his monologue, before moving on to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s follow-up visit to Kim Jong Un in North Korea. By most accounts, it did not go well. “I’m not surprised, sometimes the second date is rough,” Colbert said. “You go back to his place, you find out it’s full of executed relatives or, worse, Limp Bizkit CDs.” The summit started off badly, with Pompeo put up not at the luxury hotel he expected but a gated guest house behind the mausoleum where Kim’s father and grandfather lie embalmed — “or as Airbnb described it, ‘Cozy bungalow. Quiet neighbors. Great view of dictator courses,'” Colbert joked. Then, Kim stood Pompeo up to visit a potato farm. “And the saddest part of all of this is that Donald Trump is president,” he said, “but also sad, Mike Pompeo had a gift for Kim that he never got to deliver.” Not to worry — Trump says he’ll hand-deliver that Elton …read more

Source:: The Week – Lifestyle


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