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MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe told Business Insider that subscribers will be able to order non-2D movies (like IMAX and Real 3D) through the app by Labor Day.
The added charge will be $2-$5.
Lowe also said that surge pricing will be nationwide by the end of July.

In the wake of MoviePass launching surge pricing to its subscribers, ranging from $2-$6 on popular movies on the weekends, there’s now some much-needed good news coming from the monthly movie ticket subscription service: you’ll get to see IMAX movies with MoviePass soon.

In a conversation with MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe on Wednesday, he told Business Insider that by Labor Day there would be a feature added to the app that allows subscribers to select, for $2-$5, the option to see non-2D movies like IMAX or Real 3D.

Currently, MoviePass only allows its subscribers to see standard 2D movies.

“Imagine you’re a customer and now you can go to what typically might be a $17 or $18 ticket for an extra $5 [to your subscription]?” Lowe said to Business Insider. “That’s going to be extremely valuable.”

If you are living in a major market like New York or Los Angeles, it’s going to be a welcome …read more

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