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Magic Johnson played a key role in convincing LeBron James to join the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason.
While it was already known that Magic met with LeBron at his home the minute free agency opened up, Johnson recently revealed that he had waited in the driveway for an hour before approaching the door.

Johnson’s caution was an effort to avoid any fines related to tampering, as James was still technically under contract until 9:01 p.m. Pacific time.

When the Los Angeles Lakers won the LeBron James sweepstakes earlier in July, it is likely that nobody was happier about the deal than Magic Johnson.

For Johnson, a former Laker great who had taken over as president of basketball operations in 2017, bringing in James was a huge move in the team’s rebuild as they look to become contenders for the first time since Kobe Bryant’s heyday.

Bringing in James did not come easy — Johnson reportedly showed up at James’ house the minute free agency began to make his case for the Lakers. And as Johnson revealed in comments on Tuesday, his effort to pitch James led to a bit of unintentional comedy.

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