Grant Verstandig

Grant Verstandig is the chief digital officer of UnitedHealth Group, the largest health insurer in the US.
Verstandig, 29, is also the CEO of Rally Health, a startup he founded after dropping out of college at 21. UnitedHealth has a majority stake in Rally, which led Verstandig to his role leading the digital strategy of the healthcare giant.
Between the reach UnitedHealth has and the consumer experience he’s built at Rally, Verstandig is optimistic about what can be accomplished in healthcare. “I think you can have an Amazon-like effect for consumers,” he said.

Grant Verstandig, the chief digital officer of UnitedHealth Group and CEO of Rally Health, doesn’t look like your typical buttoned-up, gray-haired healthcare executive.

Verstandig, 29, is a former Brown University lacrosse player who dropped out of college following his sophomore year after blowing out his knee.

After surgery, he asked his doctor when he might be able to play again. The doctor, Verstandig recalled, did a double take and told him, “Grant, you can’t walk for six months, let alone play again.” While the surgery had gone well, Verstandig and his doctor had different ideas about what a successful result looked like.

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