Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s shocking decision to leave Real Madrid for Juventus is set to send shockwaves across the soccer world.
Real Madrid is now left with a huge offensive hole to fill and plenty of money to fill it, and will in all likelihood soon find yet another prominent forward to step into Ronaldo’s role.
Whichever superstar does end up taking over at Real will leave a similar hole with their former club, continuing a domino effect that could shift some of the best players in the world across Europe.

On Tuesday the news became official — after one of the most dominant decades of club soccer in the history of the sport, Cristiano Ronaldo was leaving Real Madrid to join Juventus, with the Italian club paying a transfer fee reported at €100 million (US$117 million) to bring in the Portuguese superstar.

But the effects of Ronaldo’s transfer will likely be felt far beyond Juventus and Real Madrid, as his move could trigger a domino effect that forces the movement of tons of stars in yet another busy summer.

The move was shocking but also makes sense for both clubs involved. Real Madrid got nine of the best years any player has ever …read more

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