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Ashley Madison is a website for married people seeking affairs. Sex therapist Tammy Nelson is its resident relationship expert.
Nelson said many people wind up cheating on their partners because they lack passion in their marriage.
That’s why Nelson recommends having an “affair” with your spouse, meaning you put in the effort to add something forbidden or exciting into your romantic life.
However: You have to plan it.

Here’s the fantasy.

You come home to your partner, “sweep the dishes off the kitchen table, and say, ‘Oh my god, take me now.'”

But Tammy Nelson isn’t buying it. “Twenty years later, and with three kids and a dog, that’s not going to happen.”

Nelson is a sex and relationship therapist; after about 30 years in practice, she recently joined Ashley Madison, a website for married people seeing affairs, as an outside consultant.

The fact that the scenario described above is so unlikely to occur in a long-term relationship is what drives some people to stray, Nelson said.

“That’s the fantasy of an affair, that you’ll have that impulsive excitement.”

Nelson isn’t explicitly “for” or “against” cheating. In fact, she suspects that people will always have affairs.

But she did propose a workaround for anyone who feels like they …read more

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