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Direct-to-consumer advertisers say that Facebook ads are getting more expensive and securing space is getting more competitive.
But Facebook’s new public ad transparency tool reveals just how hard it is for these brands to pull back on Facebook ads.
Indeed, even as brands like BarkBox and Brooklinen experiment with TV advertising, Facebook ads continue to do the heavy lifting in acquiring new customers.
Unlike big brands, direct-to-consumer marketers are focused on driving leads and sales and have to justify any ad spend with strong results.

Facebook ads are getting more expensive. And the more direct-to-consumer brands there are looking to build their companies through social media, the more competitive buying Facebook ads becomes.

But for DTC brands, there’s no quitting Facebook.

Indeed, even as more direct marketers like Casper, Brooklinen, and Hims are using subway, TV and even out-of-home ads to avoid Facebook’s increase in ad prices and getting squeezed out of the newsfeed, they’re still spending big on Facebook.

“Facebook works and for DTC brands, Facebook works pretty well,” said Mike Duda, managing partner at Bullish, an agency that creates advertising and invests in direct-to-consumer brands and startups. “There’s no one way to build a brand but I would say Facebook has to be a …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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