What if you had the opportunity to train and go to space using little more than your smartphone? That may sound impossible, but a company called Space Nation is hoping to make it happen.

Space Nation is a Finnish startup with ambitions of shaking up the space industry. More specifically, it wants to make space accessible to everyone. Usually, would-be astronauts need at least a degree in engineering, mathematics, or another science field before they can even think about applying to NASA. But with Space Nation, the road to space begins with a free app download.

The Space Nation Navigator app was developed in partnership with Axiom Space, a commercial space startup that helps train NASA astronauts, and NASA itself. The company took real NASA records, images, and video, and translated it all into a digital training curriculum that takes the form of games, social missions, and fitness challenges. There are 13 different training topics in the app, ranging from the science of space to the dangers of spaceflight, and each lesson focuses on the physical, mental, and social elements of going to space.

“We are always looking for new ways to educate the public about the benefits and challenges of …read more

Source:: The Week – Science


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