On Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert celebrated the successful rescue of 12 Thai youths and their soccer coach from a flooded cave. “Everybody loves this story! Are you listening, Mr. President? Freeing children makes people like you.” He noted that some 3,000 migrant children are still detained in the U.S. after being forcibly separated from their parents, and that a majority of the 102 kids under 5 still have not been reunited despite a Tuesday court deadline (though, it should be noted, the remaining children are not in “cages”).

“These kids would have a better chance of being reunited with their parents if they went spelunking with a Thai soccer coach,” Colbert said, pointing to Trump’s chaotic and secretive reunification regime. “So we’re at the point as a nation where the good news is that the government is throwing kids into unmarked vans,” he said. “Next we’re supposed to be cheering on America’s heroic sewer clowns.” Every detained migrant gets their day before an immigration judge, including, in one recent case, a 1-year-old. Colbert re-enacted what that baby might say if he learned immigration law, as the judge suggested.

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Source:: The Week – Business


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