Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce announced new tools for its customer service platform that use artificial intelligence to make agents’ jobs easier.
Among other things, Salesforce’s Service Cloud now has AI augmented bots that pull in customer data to give customized responses.
The bots can tell when a customer is more or less likely to buy an upgraded product, and can send discounts and fee waivers to retain customers that are likely to stop using the product.

Customers already expect to interact with an automated chatbot when trying to get help from a company’s customer service department. But soon that bot will be making its own decisions.

Salesforce is rolling out updates to its Service Cloud customer service platform, which was a $2.9 billion business for the company in fiscal 2018, and accounted for 30% of its overall revenue. Those updates will let companies automate routine conversations and make choices informed by artificial intelligence.

Companies like Hulu, which use the Service Cloud as a central hub for customer service conversations, now have access to bots powered by Salesforce’s Einstein AI.

Those bots, according to Salesforce, save customer service agents time because they automate routine conversations and let the humans focus on more complicated or nuanced customer concerns. They’re also …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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