Elsa from Frozen is a hero to many and now some of her biggest fans include Boston’s finest.

As a snowstorm swept Boston late Tuesday, a police Wagon found itself stuck in a snowbank in the city‘s South End.

Coming to the rescue was an unlikely hero – a man dressed in drag as the famed Disney heroine, Elsa.

“Elsa”, who faced the blizzard in a long, flowing blue dress and a silver wig, single-handedly helped pushed the police vehicle out of the snow – much to the excitement of those taking shelter at The Gallows, a gastropub.

“The Gallows is just one of those places that everybody in the neighborhood everyone knows is open on a snow day,” Chris Haynes, who was hanging out at the bar, tells PEOPLE. “It was rowdy. All of a sudden these drag queens come in, and one of them dressed as Elsa. He was like ‘I wanted to blend in tonight so I threw this on.’ Nobody even knew this cop was stuck, but he ran out to help.”

Haynes posted a video of “Elsa” coming to the rescue on his Facebook, and it quickly went viral, with many asking what was this wigged-crusader’s true …read more

Source:: People.com


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