Gabe Brown, Instagram Comeback

The Brown family is out of L.A. and reportedly filming Alaskan Bush People again … in Washington State.

But some fans of the show are worried about Gabe Brown, and see his recent behavior on social media as erratic — at best.

Is Gabe having a breakdown?

Recently, Gabe took to social media to defend his younger sister, Rain, against some now-deleted unkind comments.

Gabe wrote:

“God sees your face and knows your name how do you think you make him feel??”

That sure sounds … ominous. Until Gabe softens his words with the next line.

“He loves you and so do I I wish with everything I have actually.”

Again, Gabe starts to sound menacing without making any direct threats.

“We have had many wonderful friends in law enforcement God bless them for all they do to make life a safer place.”

This time, however, he takes things up a notch.

“I wish they were here on IG you wouldn’t have said half of the hateful illegal things.”

These words had some fans worried that Gabe is in a bad place, emotionally. Angry outbursts on social media can be a bad sign.

For contrast, look at the sorts of words that Gabe usually likes to share on social media.

Like when he …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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