If your roommate religiously watches Say Yes to the Dress and you’re figuring out how to afford travel to five weddings this summer while also helping your best friend’s significant other plan the perfect surprise proposal on top of the Empire State Building, it can be really hard to remember that not everyone grows up dreaming of princess-cut diamonds and bouquet tosses. But that doesn’t mean those people don’t want to get married; they just want to do things a little differently. Or, in the case of those getting in on the trend of engagement piercings, a lot differently.

Engagement piercings are essentially the same as the microdermal piercings, a.k.a. surface anchors, you find on flat surfaces of the body, like the collarbone, back, or cheeks, but on the ring finger — in place of a traditional ring (you know, the kind with a band that can be easily slipped on and off).

If you’re squirming just thinking about the pain and healing time (and the thought of it hitting the bone), we’re right there with you. But Tobias Vallone, piercer at Pure Body Arts in New York, tells us that like other piercings, this one might hurt, but not …read more

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