One look at this dog and we know what you’re thinking: Did a witch cast a spell on some egotistical prince and turn him into a canine? How else to explain this pup’s extremely human-like eyes and knowing facial expression?

The dog, a Shih Tzu-poodle mix (or “Shih-poo”) named Yogi, first attracted mass attention when his picture ended up on Reddit. Yogi’s owner, Chantal Desjardins, 27, says she didn’t realize how human he looked until all her friends pointed out the resemblance after she posted a video of her family’s dog to Instagram and Facebook.

So, who does Desjardins think the 1-year-old pooch looks like? “I like the Nicolas Cage comment,” she tells PEOPLE. “And my friend Kristen said Sean Astin.”

If you’re wondering how you, too, can find a dog who looks like a person, Desjardin says Yogi came from a local breeder, but won’t divulge their location. However, the pup also has an 8-year-old sister named Darla, who may be jealous of all the attention he’s getting.

“She tolerates him,” says Desjardins. “All he does is try to play with her and she doesn’t have it. very typical puppy.”

Typical? We don’t think so! Just look at that face.

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