En pointe!

Two days after premiering the dance-filled music video for her new single “Delicate,” Taylor Swift showed her fans just how hard she worked at perfecting the choreography.

“Delicate Music Video Dance Rehearsal Part 1,” she captioned a clip on Instagram showing her practicing in a dance studio.

Dressed in head-to-toe black, the star — with a huge smile on her face — bares her abs as she shimmies, twirls and works on some ballet movements.

The “Delicate” music video starts off with Swift, 28, doing interviews on a red carpet and taking selfies with fans at an event while being flanked by security guards. The singer is stealthily handed what turns out to be a magical note in the midst of all the chaos.

Shortly after, the star realizes she’s suddenly become invisible and celebrates by throwing off her shoes and dancing to her heart’s content — including shaking it off on top of the hotel bar.

She continues breaking it down as she moves into a subway station, splashes in the rain and even does the splits on a car. At one point, Swift passes by Joe’s Deli (likely a special nod to …read more

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