Gina Rodriguez was a keynote speaker at the “Women to Watch” Day event organized by Create & Cultivate and Fossil in Austin. The Jane the Virgin star talked about supporting the Time’s Up movement in Hollywood, her upcoming movie Annihilation and dealing with anxiety.

“Every time I have a problem or go through anxiety, I talk about it,” she said. “Because then it’s either I jump over the mount and finally get over it, or I’m able to see what I really need to do to attack it. So we’re talking about it. Don’t stop talking about it.”

Another topic she didn’t stay quiet about was supporting the Time’s Up Movement, which empowers women in Hollywood against sexual harassment. Rodriguez says the movement was formed through generosity and empathy, and she is proud of Annihilation cast mates Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson for being at the forefront of it. “Out of that camaraderie was how Time’s Up was able to kind of happen. It wasn’t birthed out of Annihilation. But a lot of the women in Annihilation are on the forefront of that movement. … It was like the precursor. It was preparing us to understand we had to …read more



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