After two years of dating, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have decided to end their relationship. Both the musician and supermodel released very thoughtful statements on social media Tuesday addressing their split, confirming that they plan to remain friends as they separate on amicable terms. However, the Internet still has one question: Will Malik keep that tattoo of Hadid’s eyes on his chest?

In January, Gigi Hadid shared a Happy Birthday post for Malik on Instagram, which showed the singer dancing shirtless in a black and white video clip. Commenters were quick to note that Malik appeared to have Hadid’s eyes inked on his chest.

When news hit of their split, fans seemed concerned over whether or not Malik would keep his tattoo.

it’s going to be 3am and here i am shocked that gigi hadid and zayn malik broke up…..now zayn malik has to remove those gigi tattoos on his chest lol

— hadi hadid (@hisnameishadi) March 13, 2018


zayn unfollowed gigi on insta but i’d love to see how he’s gonna unfollow that giant tattoo he has of her eyes on his chest

— zaddy’s bitch (@chanelmedicine) March 13, 2018


Source:: People.com


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