Politicians. Dramatic actors. Broadcast journalists. Musicians. Entrepreneurs.

None of the above are known for having an especially great sense of humor. Fortunately, Mother Nature — and the Internet — have other ideas.

Is there anything funnier (or sillier) than a famous person embracing his or her animal lookalike? We think not. Check out some of the most delightful celebrity-furball doppëlgangers the World Wide Web has to offer.

1. Ron Perlman Cat

i don’t think it’s possible for a cat to look more like ron perlman pic.twitter.com/cxEXrWh93m

— Christine (@IAMCHRISTINE) March 9, 2018


Who could deny the uncanny, extremely catty resemblance of the Hellboy actor and the fine feline above? Besides, fans of the ’80s cult classic TV series Beauty and the Beast (co-starring Linda Hamilton) have long known he looks a lot like a lion. Exhibit A:

2. Laura Dern Dog

This dog looks like Laura Dern https://t.co/3QI7eA41Zx pic.twitter.com/YIqkmJZKc8

— Margaret Lyons (@margeincharge) January 23, 2018


The hair. The eyes. That certain je ne sais quoi of this pup’s knowing, yet somewhat inscrutable expression. The similarity is undeniable. She is “Laura Dern Dog.”

Oh, and to make this latest doppelgänger discovery even more delightful, someone also created a “Bark Little Lies” canine cast composite. …read more

Source:: People.com


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