A great photographer I once worked with once told me that when you make a photograph, you’re making are record of someone else’s truth, not yours. But over the years, I’ve found that sometimes it’s the other way around. Last week’s coverage of the ignominious downfall of Trump’s “staff secretary,” Rob Porter, was just such a time.

Porter was accused by two ex-wives and an ex-girlfriend of hitting and kicking and choking one, and grabbing and shoving the other one, and calling all of them “stupid bitch” and “fucking ridiculous” and screaming a lot. For days, they ran photos of this guy. There was the photo of Porter standing behind Trump as Chief of Staff Reince Priebus handed him an executive order to sign on one of the early days in the Oval Office, when Trump was signing the things daily, trying his best to look like he was keeping his campaign promises by banning Muslims, cutting regulations, reorganizing the federal government, expediting environmental reviews. There was Porter and his girlfriend, Hope Hicks, the White House “communications director,” walking across the tarmac of Andrews Air Force Base, headed for the stairs to Air Force One. Harvard man Porter is in his …read more

Source:: Salon.com


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