Apple Face ID

The introduction of fingerprint scanners in the iPhone popularised secure biometric systems in consumer electronics.
But as technology has evolved, the industry has started to call for face scanners instead as they are smarter, more convenient and also more secure.
Some high-end devices, like those from Microsoft and Apple, have already made the switch, and that will likely mean that others will follow.

It was almost five years ago when the iPhone 5S first popularised fingerprint scanners on phones. It cleverly used the iPhone’s signature home button and placed a small reader beneath it.

People didn’t have to learn anything new as the scanner worked automatically when pressing the button, and they could keep their phone’s data safe without the hassle of inserting a password every time. The technology was immediately copied elsewhere, and now, five years later, it’s basically impossible to find a smartphone that doesn’t support it.

But biometric systems have moved forward, and new technologies have surfaced that want to use an even better password: Your face.

There are several reasons to think that this is an inevitable shift; one of them is that face scanning has the potential to be superior in terms of security when compared with fingerprint scanning.

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Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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