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South Korea has budgeted $2.6 million to pay for North Korea’s expenses at the Winter Olympics.
The money will cover food, accommodations, transportation, and ticket prices for the 424-strong delegation.
The decision comes as allies push for more sanctions against the North.
South Korea has a history of paying for North Korea to attend sporting events and, in 2018, has budgeted $895 million to increase cooperation between the two countries.

South Korea has approved spending $2.6 million to cover North Korea’s costs at the Winter Olympics.

Senior government officials met on Wednesday to approve the budget that will pay for hosting North Korea’s delegation, including 200 cheerleaders, a 137-piece orchestra, and 22 athletes.

The South will cover the cost of 424 North Koreans’ food, Olympics entrance fees, transportation and accommodation, with most of the delegates staying in five-star hotels in Seoul.

It’s a difficult position for South Korea, which “will continue close consultation with the international community, taking into account international sanctions against North Korea,” according to a Ministry of Unification statement.

The country has already had to walk a fine line in observance of international sanctions against North Korea at the Games, while allies including the US and Japan push for more …read more

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