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Annihilation comes out on February 23rd. The trailers have been out there and widely discussed for months now, and basically the film looks like a really terrible acid trip. The cast seems interesting: Natalie Portman plays the lead, and the ensemble includes Oscar Isaac, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson and Gina Rodriguez. But there’s a problem, apparently. An Asian-American advocacy group says that Portman’s lead character should have been played by an Asian-American actress, and Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character should have been played by a Native American actress.

As the trailer for the upcoming movie Annihilation suggests, Area X seems to be fundamentally altering the nature of anything, or anyone, who ventures inside its borders. But unless Area X is switching around everybody’s race all willy-nilly, advocacy group Media Action Network for Asian Americans says the film’s director has some explaining to do.

“Writer/director Alex Garland is not being true and honest to the characters in the book,” MANAA board member Alieesa Badreshia told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement, referencing the source material of the same name written by Jeff VanderMeer. “He exploits the story but fails to take advantage of the true identities of each …read more

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