Lena Dunham is looking gloomy while out running errands

Lena Dunham has talked about her endometriosis for as long as she’s been famous. She’s been open about her endo-related struggles, the pain she’s dealt with, her crazy-long periods, and the multiple surgeries she’s had to try to fix or provide some kind of relief. Well, Lena has announced in the March issue of Vogue that she underwent a total hysterectomy to put an end to all of it.

Lena Dunham recently underwent a total hysterectomy to remove her uterus and cervix, in the hopes of ending her crippling endometriosis-related pain. The actress, 31, writes in the March issue of Vogue that she opted for a total hysterectomy after “years of complex surgeries measuring in the double digits” and attempts at “pelvic floor therapy, massage therapy, pain therapy, color therapy, acupuncture,” to manage her endometriosis were unsuccessful.

During her hysterectomy, doctors discovered that Dunham had other medical issues that were causing her pain.

“In addition to endometrial disease, an odd hump-like protrusion and a septum running down the middle, I have retrograde bleeding, a.k.a. my period running in reverse so that my stomach is full of blood,” she writes. “My ovary has settled in on the muscles …read more

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