Jahi Di’Allo Winston and Peyton Kennedy in “Everything Sucks!” (Credit: Netflix/Scott Patrick Green)

Lots of TV series have that “engineered in a lab” glint about them. The same can be said of entertainment properties across genres and mediums, mind you. Runaway success breeds imitators if not outright clones, few if any can match the original.

“Everything Sucks!” has that feel about it, only in this case, the lab is Netflix, and the borrowed strands of DNA comes from within its own vials. It cannot be an accident that the series about teens in a fictional Oregon town named Boring can easily be described as “13 Reasons Why,” minus the sorrow or “Stranger Things” with the supernatural element. Here, the focus is on simple slacker humor at first; the high school is named for the town and the team mascot is the Beavers, and that’s good for a snort. It depends on the chemistry of its personalities and themes of awkwardness and discovery that extend from adolescence well into adulthood. That, and it’s a ‘90s era period piece as opposed to catnip for Children of the “80s.

Call it the end-result of algorithmic research, or more evidence of a company’s following the audience habit, …read more

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