A lovestruck couple who sold their belongings and uprooted their lives to sail the Caribbean saw all of their dreams sink into the ocean when their boat capsized just two days into their trip.

Tanner Broadwell and Nikki Walsh have long dreamed of taking to the seas for a long getaway, and it was two years ago that they started planning to make their dream a reality. They saved up money, sold many of their possessions and eventually paid $5,000 for a sailboat that was built in 1969. The two spent weeks slowly fixing up the 28-foot sailboat, which they named “Lagniappe,” the Creole word for “extra gift.”

“We want to live a minimalist lifestyle but still be able to see the world,” Broadwell, 26, tells PEOPLE. “We can go anywhere we want in the world on our own schedule.”

For Walsh, 24, the boat was their ticket to do and see anything their hearts desired.

“The thing that draws us the most is the freedom!” she tells PEOPLE.

Broadwell’s father helped the couple learn to handle the boat over the next few months, sailing the boat from Alabama to Florida. The couple set up shop there as they prepared for their journey, and lived …read more

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