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Here are some photos of Elizabeth Olsen at a cocktail reception/Oscar-campaign event in LA for Wind River. Olsen has been low-key Oscar campaigning for months for Wind River – she hasn’t been in our faces with her campaign like Jennifer Lawrence, but Olsen has made sure that she’s mentioned and seen at all the right moments and places. I recently saw Wind River, and I thought it was a good but depressing movie. Olsen was good in it, but if she’s aiming for a Best Actress nomination, I’m not sure if she really qualifies. I think you could definitely make a better case for Jeremy Renner getting Best Actor nominations though – his performance was more “showy” and there were certain scenes where it just seemed like “well, here’s the clip they’ll use for the Oscar montage.”

Honestly though, I kind of see Wind River falling through the cracks of this year’s Oscar season. Olsen is doing a good job with keeping herself in the conversation, but it was always going to be an uphill battle for such a small and depressing film. Plus, there’s the behind-the-scenes drama – Wind …read more

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