Suz Somersall and the KiraKira team

Suz Somersall and the KiraKira team

Suz Somersall has always been a maker and a self-described nerd who defied what others thought a girl was capable of. As a kid, she would repurpose the tops of her dollhouses into starship control panels. So it’s no surprise that she wanted to go to college for engineering.

But that’s when she made the first of many pivots in her life.

In my conversation with her for my podcast “Inflection Point,” Somersall recalled her first encounter with the engineering curriculum at Brown. “I just remember looking through the course catalog and being so uninspired by the content,” she said. “And also intimidated, if I’m totally honest. I was like, ‘oh that doesn’t sound like approachable’ or you know ‘I think I’m interested in engineering but that doesn’t sound exciting to me.’”

Instead of taking up engineering as she had planned, Somersall got her undergraduate degree in art and architecture. It took her several years — and several pivots in her educational track — to rediscover her love of engineering at Rhode Island School of Design.

“My first experience with using 3D printers and CNC milling machines and mechanical engineering software [was at RISD]. I used all …read more


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