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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at a press conference Thursday that Trump’s slurred speech at the end of his announcement on Jerusalem was due to a dry throat.
Questions had arisen about whether Trump wears dentures.
Trump has frequently touted his oral health in the past.

After President Donald Trump slurred a few words at the end of his Jerusalem speech on Wednesday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that the slip-up occurred due to a dry throat.

“The president’s throat was dry — nothing more than that,” Sanders said at Thursday’s press briefing, calling the questions “ridiculous.”

Questions about Trump’s oral health cropped up after people pointed out that the president appeared to be struggling to deliver his final words during Wednesday’s speech.

“Thank you, God bless you, God bless Israel, God bless the Palestinians, and God bless the United States,” Trump said.

Trump trying to keep his awful teeth in his mouth is whatever the opposite of ASMR is.

— chris person (@Papapishu) December 6, 2017

Trump noticeably slurred his final words, and people on Twitter started to theorize that he may have been wearing dentures or some other form of dental prosthetics.

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