Meryl Streep has a plan for taking down sexism in Hollywood.

“Right now, I’m getting together with a bunch of actresses that you know very well, and we’re all sort of going to make a set of non-negotiable demands,” Streep told the crowd at the Massachusetts Conference for Women on Thursday. “We’re after 50/50 by 2020.”

In conversation with feminist icon Gloria Steinem at the event, the multiple Oscar winner went on to speak about Harvey Weinstein, with whom she’s worked with numerous times, and has become a frequent topic of conversation at her house.

“The thing abound Harvey Weinstein is that he is sort of the most gargantuan example of a kind of disrespect that permeates every industry, every enterprise,” Streep said. “I’m not sure why. I have a lot of theories — maybe its in response to the women’s movement. Maybe its in fear of the women movement. But these abuses are about dominance.”

Streep continues to find lead roles in Hollywood in her middle age (she leads Steven Spielberg’s upcoming drama The Post opposite Tom Hanks), but said she doesn’t “have a big choice” when it comes to projects because “there aren’t a lot of things for …read more


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