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Whoever runs the first family’s Twitter account may want to brush up on some history books.

On Thursday morning, Melania Trump followed the annual ritual done by all first ladies in the modern era. The @flotus Twitter account posted a photo of herself with President Donald Trump at the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii. But the tweet listed the date of the Pearl Harbor Attack as “11/7/1941,” which was a month off.

The typo didn’t go unnoticed. Though the account eventually realized their error and replaced the tweet, it was way too late. Twitter erupted with more than just an attack on the tweet flub, but on other, more pressing problems with the Trump presidency.

You had one job! Seems @FLOTUS‘s social media team needs help. Try 12/7/1941 #PearlHarbor

— The Nicer & Smarter DT (@dave_taft) December 7, 2017

Um. You got the date wrong. Also, you’re married to a 5 X draft dodger, so what would you know about military “courage and sacrifice”? Your hypocrisy is showing. — Michele Martindill (@Docsociology4) December 7, 2017

11/7/41 — “some random date that will live in obscurity”

— The Glare (@TheGlare_TM) December 7, 2017

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