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To be clear, I absolutely and completely loathe Donald Trump. I’m sure that’s breaking news! I’m sure it comes as a shock. I will make fun of his baby fists. I will make fun of his tantrums. I will make fun of his giant dinosaur ass. I will make fun of his stupidity. I will make fun of his cruelty, just because it’s my way of dealing with it instead of curling up in a ball and crying. I f–king hate this man with every fiber of my being. But should we make fun of him because his dentures came loose in the middle of a terrible speech? I have mixed feelings. Yesterday, Trump announced that America would be moving our American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, because something something Evangelicals. Politically speaking, Trump is setting off about a million powder kegs in the Middle East. But all anybody could talk about was how Bigly’s sad dentures came loose and he was slurring like a motherf–ker in his speech:

🔥🔥Sooo this is interesting. Trump’s dentures are trying to escape …read more

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