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Business Insider spoke to Anabel Kingsley, a trichologist and the daughter of the famous hair guru Philip Kingsley.
Kingsley is seeing more cases of telogen effluvium, a reactive hair loss which leads to excessive shredding, particularly among young women.
She points to the rise of nutritional deficiencies caused by fad diets, and in particular the popularity of veganism and vegetarianism.

Trichologist Anabel Kingsley, daughter of the late “celebrity hair doctor” Philip Kingsley, has spent years studying the hair and scalp.

Currently based at the family’s world renowned clinic in Mayfair, London, she recently spoke out about her own experience of hair loss that she suffered following the death of her father in 2016.

Kingsley told Business Insider that she is seeing more and more cases of hair loss at her clinic, particularly among young women. The reasons for this, according to Kingsley? The rise of the fad diet, as well as the sharp increase in popularity of veganism and vegetarianism.

‘Hair thinning’ is a gradual reduction in volume

There are two types of hair loss, according to Kingsley.

The first is a gradual reduction in volume, otherwise known as “hair thinning.” This is more common in older women but can also occur in young women as part …read more

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