Each week, we spotlight dream vacations recommended by some of the industry’s top travel writers. This week, we recommend five skiing vacations from around the world.

Skiing remote Iceland

“What does it feel like to ski on the edge of the world?” asked McKenna Peterson at Ski magazine. That’s the question that recently inspired me to join three other skiers on a flight to northern Iceland’s Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, a land of volcanoes, fjords, glaciers, and tall cliffs that plunge straight into the North Atlantic. Our small plane landed on a mossy beach, and after fording a leg-numbing river, we ascended our first summit, Dögundarfell, to enjoy a run on perfect corn snow — the type that makes you feel you are, “no joke,” the best skier in the world. Standing atop a saddle between two peaks, I felt as if I had “fallen out of reality and landed in a fantasy world.” Kálfatindur towered to my left, and to my right, the Hornbjarg cliffs dropped to a coastline speckled with shorebirds. I skirted those cliffs on my way downhill, spraying glittering ice into the void. For a few minutes, “I am flying with the birds, the closest I …read more

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